Dual-coding Genes – Creationists have long argued that evolution is statistically impossible.  Now, with the discovery of dual-coding genes in humans, which are even more incredibly unlikely to have occurred by chance, will evolutionists doubt their faith?  Will they give ID any credit?  Probably not, because they are already in denial about the statistical impossibility of their theory.  So even as they admit that “dual coding is nearly impossible by chance,” they continue in denial, responding merely that such designs are “hallmarks of fascinating biology.”

Interestingly, one of the things that convinced me of the dubiousness of evolution was studying overlapping coding regions of the bacteriophage x174 in my advanced biochem class back in college.  This phage has one of the smallest genomes, yet can crank out enough proteins to live because it has overlapping coding regions.  I asked my professor what the likelihood of that arising by chance was, and even though he was not a believer, he sighed “nearly impossible.”  If such a simple and small creature had a genome that was incredibly unlikely, I look at the human, then at the evolutionists, and can not believe the great faith that they have in their unlikely tale.

  • Denying Junk DNA
    – Creationists have long argued that the idea of junk DNA (and vetigial
    organs) are bogus concepts based on evolutionary assumptions.  As junk
    DNA turns out to be junk science, neo-Darwinists are trying to distance
    themselves from their error.  But they’re on record.
  • Junk DNA Demise – Another interesting summary of articles in Wired and the Washington post about how ID (and creationism) predicted the functionality of junk DNA.  Only evolutionists are surprised, but when you follow such a bogus theory, “surprises” are around every corner.
  • Debunking Dawkins – Naturally, Richard Dawkin’s book The God Delusion was bound to elicit counter arguments, including ones like this one that attack one chapter of his book using simple logical constructs.
  • Dinosaur Deaths were Agonizing – A paleontologist takes issue with the classic explanation for the tortured and twisted positions of fossilized dinosaur skeletons.  She argues that, as a trained veterinarian, the classic view that the dinosaurs died in water, and currents pushed their bodies into these positions just didn’t make sense to her, and she suspected that the body position of many fossils were classic indicators of something else – that brain damage and asphyxiation are the more likely culprits.  This could open up a whole new understanding of the fossil record, and how we interpret it.
  • Martian Deluge
    – How is it that scientists can believe in a deluge of water on Mars,
    which currently has NO water, yet doubt that it could have happened
    here?  Self-deception based on their world view.
  • Massive Birdlike Dinosaur – Evolutionists, again surprised by something that their theory had predicted the opposite of, by the find of a large dinosaur that may have been a bird.  I say “may have” because they are making all kinds of assumptions, not based on the evidence, but on their own need to fit the fossils into their broken theory.  Check out their data-less conclusions.  Amazing.

    While the dinosaur’s remains didn’t include any feathers, which rarely
    fossilize, its close link to more primitive feathered oviraptorosaurs
    suggest it very likely did have a feathered tail and arms, the team

    Creationists have already started responding with logic.  :D