On a recent episode of Truths That Transform, D. James Kennedy remarked that Kierkegaard described a church service like this:

  • The Preacher is the performer
  • God is the prompter
  • The Congregation are the critics

Interestingly, Kennedy said that he got it all wrong, and what actually is going on is:

  • The Congregation are the performers
  • The Preacher is the prompter
  • Christ is the critic

He was preaching from Revelation 2:1-4, explaining how that, even though the church was good at discerning good from evil and exposing false teachers (and he commended them for that), they had left their "first love" for Christ.  And he explained that Christ is evaluating our hearts, and that HE is the critic that we should all be concerned about, rather than we being the critics of the church or the preacher.