Beck_dobsonIn yesterday’s USA Today, an opinion piece entitled What is a ‘real’ Christian? made the accusation that
James Dobson, head of the very politically powerful evangelical ministry Focus on the Family, remarked that "former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson is “not Christian enough” to be president."   Trouble is, Dobson says he NEVER said that, and that the reporter was spinning their interview to make him look foolish.

Then, conservative CNN talk show host Glen Beck picked up the story and repeated it, and along with repeating it, said some things about evangelicals being like the Taliban by demanding that everyone believe what they believe or not be considered Christian. 

So Dobson called him up, and they had an on-air discussion
of the situation. 

"You know very well you can’t believe what you read in the media,
especially about evangelicals," Dobson told Beck. "That was spun by the
media. I’m getting sick of that. It’s an effort to marginalize you, to
make you look foolish, and to distort your views."

Dr. Dobson made no such comments about Thompson. The opinion piece
twisted what he told a reporter several weeks ago — that whether
Thompson is a believer could have an effect on how the GOP’s
evangelical base may vote.

"I sincerely and humbly apologize for taking the word of the media
over you," Beck said on the air. "I should have called. I’m sorry that
I didn’t make the call to your office. I humbly apologize to you."

The end result?  Beck apologized for believing what
the main stream media (MSM) had to say about a fellow conservative and
evangelical, promised to check his facts, and asked if he and Dobson
could correspond.  And they both agreed that such overt LYING in the
MSM, esp. the liberal newspapers like the NYT, Washington Times, etc.,
is rampant.

Dobson’s political machine also has some public responses to this issue.