Those who insist on the “political monolith” view of Christianity in America need to expand their horizons and listen to reasoned Christian thinkers who express their faith in vastly different manners than what is presented by the MSM.

One such thinker is Marty Duren of SBC Outpost. In his post A Tale of Two Kingdoms, Duren warns Southern Baptist about our increasing confusion between God’s Kingdom and the kingdom of this world represented by politics in relation to the upcoming New Baptist Covenant.

While I have my concerns over the political leanings of the NBC, the way to address those as conservatives (political and/or social) is to engage those involved with the covenant. We should address the concerns they have and present our side of the discussion.

It seems fairly obvious from the list of participants and preachers along with the scheduled sessions themes of the NBC’s Atlanta 2008 Celebration that this will be a left-leaning event. However, leaving the conference proves nothing and will only leave those in attendance with one perspective on all the issues being discussed.

It sends the wrong message to fellow Christians and those who aren’t Christians that we are not able to cross ideological lines in an effort to promote a unity of the faith on issues on which we can all agree.

It hurts the New Baptist Covenant to not have any prominent Southern Baptist leader (and no Al Gore and Bill Clinton do not count), as the SBC represents the largest Protestant denomination in America. However, it also hurts the SBC to not have a presence at this conference because we appear even more politically motivated than the organizers by not accepting their invitation.

Those who feel that all Christians, even all theologically conservative Christians, hold the same views on all issues, especially “separation of Church and state,” should visit places like SBC Outpost more often.