How is it that Larry “Hustler” Flynt can show more human decency and compassion than a nationally recognized columnist like Christopher Hitchens? Is the porn magazine industry the height of the print media’s sympathy and tenderheartedness?

It strike me as odd, maybe telling, that those that disagreed vehemently with Falwell but knew him personally (like Flynt and Al Sharpton) have said nothing but nice things to say, while others that did not know him (like Hitch) seem to relish attacking a dead man.

I haven’t had too much to say about Falwell’s death because I didn’t know the man. I appreciate his work in advancing the pro-life agenda. I’m thankful for some of his stances, but I was also frustrated with how we vocalized those stances and many of the downright “kooky” things he said.

But regardless of anything else, he will be missed by his family and those that knew him. Nothing that Hitchens’ or other detractors say now will change the influence (however great or small that may be) that he had while on this earth.