• Fubar
    The Fubar – Stanley Tools comes out with the multi-purpose Functional Utility Bar.  No kidding.
  • Real Jackelopes?  Check out these pics for a possible explanation of the jackelope myth.
  • Mission Failure:  Looks like the company that sent the ashes of James Doohan – better known as Scotty from the original Star Trek – into space has
    been forced to admit that the rocket they used has been lost.  The ashes were supposed to be launched to space, then returned to earth so that relatives could have them.  But the rocket got lost on descent, and is somewhere in the NM desert.
  • Pot 2.0 – Today’s weed is twice as strong as your grandpa’s, so watch out, dope heads.
  • How do disarm an attackerPacifists, take note, someday you might need to disarm an attacker in love ;).  My favorite part?  "Keep gripping the gun and push your weight forward. Then, punch him in the face or the throat as hard as you can."  Damn right.