This is a debate I want to hear.

This is not Ray Comfort’s magic banana versus “Kelly’s” absurd suggestion that Jesus never existed. This is not even Rick Warren versus Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens versus Al Sharpton.

it is Hitch, but instead of Sharpton we get the extremely intelligent and well reasoned pastor/professor/blogger Dr. Mark D. Roberts.

What do you think you are going to get when the author of God is Not Great tangles with the author of Can the Gospels Be Trusted? – an intellectual heavy-weight battle royal.

While I am sure Hitch will be more acidic (as is his tone) throwing huge haymakers, the Harvard educated Roberts can clearly defend himself (and the Gospel) with precise, emphatic jabs.

And yes, I am going full out with the boxing analogy. What could we call this “The Struggle in SoCal,” “The Lambast in LA,” “The Cacophony in Cali?”

If this were a pay-per-view, I putting the money down to buy it.