Say goodbye to freedom of speech, and say hello to the decline of the west.  In fact, liberal political correctness (not to be confused with conservative PC) and the curtailing of freedoms are going hand in hand in Europe.  The EU has also ruled that doctors can not refuse to do abortions, and do not have the right to conscientiously object.

On April 25, the European Parliament (EP), the EU’s legislature,
adopted a resolution condemning “homophobia.” With 325 votes against
124 and 150 abstentions, the EP warned Poland that it will face
sanctions if it adopts a law barring the promotion of homosexuality in
schools. Churches, too, were reprimanded for “fermenting hatred and
violence [against homosexuals].”

All this and more is cogently described in the recent Washington Times article Europe’s Culture War

One of the most interesting parts is the discussion of the three sided
culture war, and how secularism has won in Europe.  Similar things are
going on here in the US, except that the secularists have not won:

Europe is in the middle of a three-way culture war, between the
defenders of traditional Judeo-Christian morality, the proponents of
secular hedonism and the forces of Islamic Jihadism.
In Western Europe,
the fight between Christians and secularists is all but over. The
secularists have won. Now, the religious vacuum left by the demise of
Christianity is being filled by the Muslims. Since one cannot fight
something with nothing, the European secularists are no match for

Meanwhile, the dark forces of secularism, such as the European
Union (EU), are waging war in Central and Eastern Europe, where they
target countries such as Poland, Slovakia and the Baltic states.