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The next alternative theory supposed by some is that the women and disciples went to the wrong tomb on the first Easter Sunday.

Somehow these women that followed Jesus every where he went, even to the cross, were unable to locate the tomb of a wealthy, prominent Jewish leader that held their Rabbi? Then after they went to get the disciples both the women along with Peter and John still go to the wrong tomb? How does that make any sense at all?

Even if somehow they did go to the wrong tomb on the first Easter, what was to prevent the authorities from pointing to the right tomb when the disciples start claiming that Jesus was alive. Christianity would have been destroyed from the beginning. The Pharisees, who knew where the tomb was since it belonged to one of their own, could have simply brought people to the correct place and it’s over.

Something must explain the actions of individuals in the first century. Something caused the disciples and followers of Jesus to become suddenly bolder about proclaiming Him as God. If the wrong tomb was the only explanation, Rome and Jewish leaders would have been fighting over which was going to end Christianity first.

They would have held the first century equivalent of a press conference at Jesus’ real tomb showing everyone that he was still dead. “The Christians are lying to everyone,” they would say. “Here is his tomb, with the stone still in place and the seal unbroken.” It makes no sense.

Honestly, this has to be one of the stupidest explanations anyone can give.