Abtolutelee.com has a provactive article entitled How To Turn Your Daughter Into A Whore In Two Easy Steps

Step 1. Enroll your daughter in public school.
Step 2. Kick back and watch.

While I’m not totally in agreement with this guy, his post brings up
one of the realistic fears of parents sending their kids, esp. their
girls, to public school – the slut-haute culture. 

One commenter,
however, remarks that (non-Christian) private schools are no better,
while another remarks that her Assemblies of God academy was so
repressive it warped the kids when it came to sex.  All very good

I know that anarchists libertarians <insert plural form of political/pejorative label> will counter that it’s really the parent’s responsibility, so let me head that off right now – of course parents have the primary responsibility, but when the other authority figures and peers in a child’s life adopt slut culture, the parental efforts may be overwhelmed.