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Here’s a nice "Art of War" for apologetics, in list form, entitled Truth Tactics.  Nice tips for those of us defending Christianity.  If you like the list below, go and read his entire post.

Christians are privileged to be emissaries of the living God, heralds of hope, and defenders of divine truth. This is why it is imperative for them to approach apologetics in an intelligent fashion.  Certainly, a good portion of this effort will involve the discovery and implementation of important apologetic strategies.

  1. The form and style of the worshiping community should be conducive to apologetics.
  2. Sometimes, it is just as important to show that Christianity is embraced by intellectuals, as it is to demonstrate specific intellectual arguments.
  3. Though Christianity is a call to a "higher" life, transforming a person’s perspective and priorities, it is still a human life, resembling, in many ways, the life of the past.
  4. Becoming a Christian involves a recognition of the cost of discipleship, as well as the anticipation of a joyful new life.
  5. Apologists should exude and promote hope.
  6. In speaking with unbelievers, apologists must learn to balance evidence and mystery, certainty and ignorance.
  7. Christianity’s unique features should be highlighted.
  8. There is a cultural benefit to be gained from engaging secular society with a strong apologetic.
  9. It is important for Christians to consider ways of reaching non-readers.
  10. Christians must learn the art of indirect apologetics.