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Michael Egnor, Professor of Neurosurgery at SUNY, has stirred up the hornet’s nest of evolutionary believers by asking one question, first in a Time Magazine piece, and then at PZ Meyer’s site Pharyngla (the most visited science site on the net, but I prefer New Scientist).  The ad hominem and diversionary attacks, and lack of intelligent answers, is telling:

Two questions remain: (1) Why is such name-calling so common among Darwinists? and (2) How do Darwinian mechanisms produce truly novel biological information?
I’ve seen no good answers to question 2, and perhaps their lack of such
a good answer is driving the observations behind question (1).

He notes that gene duplication does not really count as novel information, but is merely a combination of existing information.  You can listen to a short interview with Egnor here.  He discusses his interaction with Meyers, and how good scientists welcome questions, yet this question seems most unwelcome.