It appears the Christian rock music scence may have their version of the anti-war country trio.

Jars of Clay vocalists Dan Haseltine told a South Dakota newspaper that Jars of Clay has anti-war protests songs, but doesn’t feel they can release them because of the backlash they would get.

He laments the lack of honesty in Christian music and how no one is willing to speak about controversial subjects before going back to refusing to voice his own political opinions for fear of dropping record sales.

The columnists ends with telling of his newfound respect for a group that apparently values popularity more than their passionate feelings about the current order of things.

But Jars of Clay should learn from the Dixie Chicks. Make your controversial statements against the war, the President and whoever else you want (as long as they are conservative). Then cry and complain about others expressing their freedom of speech in opposition to you. Next make an album with a song detailing how you don’t really care what the people think. Then have people make a movie about you and win a Grammy from adoring critics.

All sarcasm aside, if Jars of Clay wants to make anti-war statements then go ahead. One can be a Christian and be against the war in Iraq or anti-war period. If that is how you feel, make a reasoned argument why and live with the consequences. Don’t make elitest insinuations to a South Dakota newspaper and complain about the lack of honesty, while being dishonest yourself. That truly is “unChristian.”