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Ten reasons why Obama will win in ’083 min read

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  1. Hillarywitch
    The war in Iraq:
    Even conservatives realize that this has become a fiasco.  Sure, maybe we were right to depose Sadam, but this looks more and more like Vietnam in many ways.
  2. Throw the bums out:  Continuing questionable ethics decisions like those plaguing the Attorneys General Gonzalez have turned many conservatives and moderates off to the Republicans.  The same impetus that saw Dems retake Congress in the ’06 election will carry over into the National one.
  3. Hillary is not electable:  She’s too harsh, she’s too liberal, she’s too Clinton (that’s my poor photoshop job above)
  4. Gingrich is not electable: I think Newt would be a fantastic president.  So do 47% of Bill O’Reilly’s viewers
  5. Giuliani is a RINO: I mean, come on, Giuliani is a liberal in conservative clothing.  Why would a conservative vote for him?  Why would a liberal vote for him if they had an Obama? 
  6. Obama is intelligent and articulate:  I mean, plenty of people are not ready to vote for a black man (or a mulatto), but a black man that talks like 50 Cent or P. Diddy would definitely not work.  Obama speaks like an educated man, not a ghetto thug.  That will help him.
  7. Obama is a minority:  Aren’t we all tired of old white men running things?  I think we are finally ready to really prove that we are the land of opportunity and equality by having a person of color in the white house.  Of course, I’d rather have a conservative like Condie Rice in office – that would keep the crazy racists at bay – a liberal black man is much harder to sell in the old south.
  8. Obama shies away from partisan bitterness: People are tired of the extremist secularists taunting the far right, and vice versa.
  9. Obama is religious:  Most Americans affiliate with Christianity, and Obama claims to be a Christian.  While he may not hold biblical stands on many issues, at least he is not a Christian hater like Howard Dean ("How can we win over those stupid people of faith?") and the secularist left.  He also has a Muslim background, so perhaps he can help us make some headway with the lunatics.  BTW, Robert Spencer has a nice video appealing to Obama and his unique position.
  10. Obama is Gen-X, not Boomer: It is just me, or are we ready for a new generation in Washington?  I think the WWII generation is done running things, and us youngsters are ready for a Gen-X leader.  McCain, Giuliani, Clinton?  Old people.  Retiring generation.  Pasture.