Shoppers in San Francisco, the city whose officials have solved all the world’s major problems, will soon have a simple question made a little more difficult.

The city council passed a ban on standard plastic bags used by grocery stores because they pollute the street and kill aquatic wildlife. In fact, I’m told the last person to ever get the death penalty in San Fran was a nasty plastic bag named Vinnie who took out three dolphins and a seagull before who was caught while blowing down the street.

Buyers will now be asked to choose between paper bags and “plastic” bags made from corn byproducts. Grocers say that the corn bags are new, untested and expensive. As a result, some say they will offer only paper bags.

Here is where the law of unintended consequences raises up and bites the environmentally aware city by the bay in the butt. While paper bags may be recycled, an increase in their use will result in more trees being cut down.

Craig Noble, a spokesman for the Natural Resources Defense Council, forsees this issue and says he will be disappointed if the stores reject the overly expensive, untested corn-bag. He claims the new type of bags “offer consumers a way out of a false choice, a way out of the paper or plastic dilemma.”

Now, the whole “paper or plastic” as a huge life choice joke has been around for awhile, but never knew anybody saw it as an actual “dilemma” before. I hope he didn’t send it out as a fax, if so he needs to go buy some carbon credits to off set his polluting footprint.