• Sodageiser
    Soda Geiser: Now you can own your very own, for making nice mentos geisers.
  • Chris Sligh:  Chris Sligh says he’s glad he’s finally off American Idol, and he wanted to quit anyway.  Great interview.  And his band’s album sounds pretty cool.
  • Persecution in India:  Christian persecution at the hands of Hindus and Muslims is at an all time high in India because people are turning to Christianity.  I guess "believe or else" isn’t working.
  • States Demand English (mp3):  More and more states are defying the feds by saying that they will only do government docs in English.  Good for them.  See Newt’s other 90 second radio spots.
  • Keyboard Wallet:  How to make a geeky wallet out of the innards of an old computer keyboard.  Too much time on their hands.