• Infanticide in Germany: Al Mohler discusses the rise in infanticide in Germany, with this astute observation: "The logic of infanticide is just the logic of abortion pushed beyond the moment of birth. The fact that Germans have responded with outrage over this spate of
    infanticides is comforting in one sense, but it also reveals the
    hypocrisy of the age. How can infanticide be wrong and abortion be a
    basic right?"
  • Purity Balls: Despite the unfortunate title of these things, many evangelicals are not only asking their children to take chastity pledges, and giving them chastity rings, but having a ballroom dealio for their daughters (reminds me of debutante balls or quinceaƱeras). These purity balls are almost like a wedding, but the daughter pledges to wait for marriage, and the father pledges to be faithful to his wife AND stay away from porno.  While liberals may laugh such a thing to scorn, recent studies have shown that daughters who are loved by their fathers delay sexual involvement and puberty itself
  • Sex-Ed and moral reasoning:  EO has a nice piece on the moral reasoning we should be teaching children, not just our own pet approach to sexuality. "The foundation of any sex education program must be to teach students
    how to apply critical moral reasoning in order that they may make
    informed decisions. Anything less is merely well-intentioned propaganda
    and doesn’t deserve the noble honorific of