• Hellsbells2 Satan and Rock and Roll
    – CrossTV has posted a free version of their hour-long evangelistic
    documentary linking rock and roll with artists who have sold their soul
    to Satan for fame, or have admitted that they feel possessed when
    playing.  Common old timers are documented here, like Robert Johnson,
    Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and the Grateful Dead, but also
    covers  more modern groups like Oasis, Godsmack, as well as many modern
    rap artists such as Ez-E, Snoop Dog, Method Man, Master P, DMX.  It’s
    also interesting how they view Bill Haley’s "Rock around the clock" the
    "trojan horse of rock," which slipped rock by parents because of
    Haley’s "innocent, uncle-like look."  I must admit, having seen the
    similar Hell’s Bells
    videos by Eric Holmberg, I am a little skeptical of such scare-tactic
    approaches, but on a purely intellectual level, these types of
    evangelistic documentaries are fascinating for both their alarmism, their exposition of artist interviews and lyrics, and their tie-in with sexualizing our children through sexualized music by popular artists.

  • Biblical Approach to teaching technologyDr. Charles Adams,
    Dean of Natural Sciences at Dordt College, gives a nice lecture on
    teaching technology Christianly.  He discusses how this differs from
    teaching natural science or humanities Christianly.  He also discusses
    how physical sciences move from the concrete to the abstract and back
    again, and how the Christian faith shapes our views of abstraction.  He
    asks (a) what are we teaching, (b) why are we teaching, and (c) how are we teaching. (HT:  Prosthesis)
  • GodTube.com – Really, a Christian youtube.
  • The Cultural Argument Against Gay Marriage:
    This is a nice redux of the Christian and sociological argument against
    gay marriage.  Most of us have already played out these arguments, but
    I like some of the quotes, such as this one

Nathanson, a professor at McGill University in Canada and a practicing
homosexual, says that “advocates of gay marriage have made no serious
attempt to consider the possible harms, and object to those who want
more time to assess the evidence from other periods or other cultures.”

  • Why is Secularism Exempt from the Separation of Church and State?  An email discussion between a Christian and a secularist.  Nice.
  • Mennonites move to avoid photo IDs:  Where’s the ACLU to protect these people from the evil government that wants to force them to violate their religious conviction that pictures are a form of graven images?  Maybe the Muslims will want to help them out so that women don’t have to bear their faces for pictures either.  I’m sorry, but this is just plain religion gone mad.