• Bratz
    Toy Sluts
    :  The London Telegraph has
    an interesting article about how contemporary girls’ dolls are damaging
    them psychologically by providing "sexy" toys too young.  "The American Psychological Association’s report says inappropriate
    marketing is leading to the sexualisation of children by a consumer
    society."  It’s about time that science caught up with the Church on this one.  (HT: Doug’s Blog)
  • Civility:  Al Mohler disowns Ann Coulter – "Ann Coulter has turned herself into the evil queen of mean. She has
    lowered herself to embarrassing theatrics and crude humor….She has a
    tawdry record of cheap shots, crude slurs, and indefensible personal
    attacks….Conservative institutions cannot afford any association with this
    kind of language or attack. The issues are far too serious to be
    treated in this manner, and the very convictions Ann Coulter often
    defends are now sullied by association with her."  I totally agree.
  • Leaving Buddhism:  This interesting but short testimony of a woman who left Buddhism for Christianity is interesting.  It highlights the shortcomings of Buddhism, but with respect.
  • Stand-up Economist:  How to make economics interesting – make it funny. (HT:  evangelical outpost)
  • The New Face of Conservatism:  A 23 year-old, Harvard educated, east-Indian, former Hindu turned Southern Baptist female who supports Romney for president?   Conservative Christianity moves beyond the white male.