Fitzgerald from Jihad Watch reposts his three year old criticism of the war in Iraq, and asks, "what has changed?"  Nothing.  I’ve summarized below, but read his entire post entitled What was done, what is being done, what should be done.

1. What the U.S. did right in Iraq

It was right, proper, necessary to destroy Iraq’s military power, and its regime….The invasion was completely justified; that was War #1. The remaining
around to search for, collect, and destroy major weaponry (not just
WMD), to find Saddam Hussein, to capture or kill most of the top
Ba’athists, was also fully justified. That was War #2.

2. Why we need to get out now

But the winning of "hearts and minds" in Iraq cannot be accomplished.
It is a chimera, a Sisyphean and hopeless task, and it is cruel to
cause American soldiers to risk their lives to do something which is
impossible. There is almost no gratitude directed at the Americans by
more than a small fraction of the Iraqi population — for rescuing them
from a monstrous regime. There are many reported cases — and returning
soldiers have many more to tell — of mobs celebrating the killing of
Americans. They will pocket the rebuilt infrastructure, the electricity
grids, the dams, the hospitals, the schools, the soccer balls handed
out by touchingly trusting and hopeful Americans. But what will be
taught in those schools? What will that electricity light up? How will
that hydroelectric energy be used — if not to recreate an even more
Muslim civilization, at least as hostile, and perhaps more potent in
its hostility, toward Infidels, as anything Iraq has seen before?

3. What the "democracy industry" does not understand about Islam

The "democracy" industry — all those bright-eyed people in Washington
with Centers for This and That Pertaining to Democracy — has failed to
adequately study, understand, and thoroughly assimilate the doctrines
of Islam, or to study Islamic history. They understand there is
something deeply wrong, but they cling to the notion that it is not the
basic texts of Islam itself, but some perversion of those texts. They
have it wrong.

It is not "democracy" that matters, but human rights — the rights
enshrined in the International Declaration of Human Rights, which, as
Reza Afshari, Ibn Warraq, and others have shown, are in every single
particular contradicted by Islam and the Shari’a. Will the new Iraq
allow real free exercise of religion? Will those born into Islam be
allowed to convert out, or openly show their lack of belief? Will women
be given equality? In Islam, the greatest reforms that Infidels should
welcome — that is, the reforms which limit precisely the power of
Islam — have not emerged from "democracy" (a democratic but Muslim
state is only more, not less dangerous, to Infidels), but from
enlightened despots.

4. What we should do – Iraq

No, the troops should not all come home, but a much smaller force, in
the Syrian desert, well away from roadside bombs, should replace the
current crazy "hearts and minds" effort.

5. What we should do – Iran

It is time to get serious about destroying the real WMD threat in Iran,
which incidentally will put a nail in the mullahocracy. If the U.S.
fails to do so, and the Iranian regime obtains such weaponry, its
prestige among the simple Iranians will be sky high and the reformers
will be doomed — so they too have a vested interest in seeing us
destroy the Iranian WMD program.

6. What we should do – Europe

We should be winning back Europe by promoting a long-overdue alarm about the demographic invasion.

And I still hold that we need to observe, learn from, and act on the Danish model, and prepare and mobilize to resist Islam in the west, because it is not just another "fundamentalist religion," but an evil, deceitful, racist, murderous cancer on humanity.