My wife and I, being musicians, have loved American Idol since the first season.  I also participate in the AI pool at work, but that’s another discussion.  However, I just found these two articles on who’s a Christian in the AI top 12.  It’s no surprise that Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks (my favorite for AI this year) are Christian, but two of the guys are also evangelical.  Phil Stacy (who I call "cancer patient") is a worship leader in his Florida church.  But the real surprise is another of my favorite contestants, Chris Sligh.  Surprisingly, his band Half Past Forever has a slick site and a CD available on Amazon.  You can hear snippets of the songs at the HPF site, and they sound pretty good.  Interestingly, like many truly creative Christians, Sligh doesn’t want to be pegged or limited as a Christian artist, but as "an artist who is a Christian" (a la Evanescence – see What is Christian Music?).  Nice.

HT:  Challies