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New Scientist magazine, echoing a recent Wired Magazine article (Things we don’t know), lists 13 things that don’t make sense in the scientific world yet.  I note that a few of these play into the whole young-earth creationism thing.

Under "the horizon problem," the NS article notes

A variation in the speed of light could solve the problem, but this too is impotent in the face of the question ‘why?’

This is interesting because YECs have long hypothesized that the speed of light may have slowed (c-decay), and have been soundly ridiculed by evolutionary believers, though ‘real’ scientists, for reasons other than a young earth hypothesis, seem to be asking the same question. 

Also note that many other open riddles in physics, require such extraordinary hypotheses as dark matter, dark energy, and the possible fluctuation in ‘constants’, all of which have YEC implications, and some YEC hypotheses seem to more simply answer these questions, without resorting to theories of multiple dimensions or ‘invisible’ dark matters and energies.