• Infidel
  • Female "Circumcision" – One of the worst evils of Islam is the practice of female mutilation.  You can now read a portion of Ayaan Ali’s upcoming book Infidel, and you might also want to check out the excellent 2004 movie on this subject called Moolaade.
  • Mein Kampf Popular – At the world’s largest Islamic book sale in the world, Mein Kampf is a hot seller among young men – is it any wonder?  Islam’s teachings line up nicely with Nazism.  World conquest, hatred for Jews, love of murder.  If you’re still amazed at such comparisons, you won’t be for long, because more and more people are making the connection.  Check out the Terrorism Awareness Project.
  • Obsession – You can see a 12 minute short version of the film Obsession, which discusses Islams global war on western civilization.  It  also shows the striking similarities between Islam’s training of it’s youth, and the Nazi youth.

  • Islam’s Intolerance
    – More people are arrested all the time on often trumped up blasphemy
    charges in Muslim nations.  What a cruel and merciless God they
    display.  I think if the whiny atheists at the Blasphemy Challenge
    really want a challenge, they should take a stand against Islam and
    blaspheme Mohammed.  Heck, I might even do it, disguising my voice and
    face, of course.  Sure is tempting.
  • UK Muslims Play the Victim
    – UK Muslims are starting to feel paranoid about the government
    watching them and "persecuting" them when terrorist plots are unwoven.
    I understand how they might begin to feel that way, but it’s only going
    to get worse if they don’t start condemning Jihad.
  • It’s the Koran, Stupid! – An editorial in the Investors Business Daily pegs
    it – Islamofascists are being faithful to the Koran, not twisting it.
    It clearly teaches hate and violence, and so did Mohammed.  Another
    clarion call to the west to stop thinking that the "nice Muslims" are
    serving a religion that can be reformed or tamed.  It is evil and
    sucking people in.   Nice Muslims are nice despite their faith, or
    despite the Koran.
  • Jihadwatch T-Shirt Contest
    – Want to see lots of pithy anti-Islamic sayings?  Check out the long
    list of contributions to JW’s contest.  My favorites? 

    • No Jihad, Know
    • Nobody’s Dhimmi
    • Muhammad: The World’s First Islamic
    • It Takes a Village ; Will It Take Yours Next?
    • Say we’re a religion of peace or I’ll kill you!
    • If you’re not Islamophobic, you don’t know Islam
    • Front: "Islam is the ANSWER!!!!"  Back: "What is the World’s most intolerant religion?"