This past week’s Newsweek has an interview with Chad Allen, star of the new film, Save Me, a movie about a gay teen who attends a live-in gay recovery program that he is not happy to be in.  Chad, a child star from the TV show St. Elsewhere, stirred up a lot of ire among evangelicals by playing in The End of the Spear, a movie about the well-known (in evangelical circles) missionaries who died in the initial outreach to the violent Auca Indians.  His sexual orientation came out AFTER he was hired for the part, and some evangelicals complained about a gay man playing the role of a straight missionary.

What is interesting about his interview is how his view of Christians as "hateful, bigoted, at-best ignorant individuals" has been challenged by his actual direct exposure to Christians.

What did he actually meet in person, rather than via the internet or the media?

I met a group of smart, God-loving, God-following individuals, who were
doing what they thought was the most loving thing to do, when they
suggested to me that God wanted me to be different. That really
affected me.

His mature response is even more laudable:

I went back to work on “Save Me,” and I remember sitting around with
the rest of the producers and saying definitively, “We have to make a
movie that shows evangelical Christians as smart and loving. We just
need to have a conversation about love.”

Check out the video clip in the interview, the movie looks good.  We’ll see.