Since 1998, a young man nicknamed “Bike” has ridden his bicycle over 10,500 miles to tell others about Jesus. He has riden trains for several days simply so that he can share with other passengers about his faith. He hands out business cards which list his profession as “evangelist.” Bike also has a Bible study that meets in his home.

What makes any of this significant? Bike’s home is in Beijing, China.

He has taken the Gospel to towns and villages in 24 provinces. Because of his bold witness, he has been imprisoned on several occassions. He does not fear re-arrest, however.

He hands out as much Christian literature as he can get his hands on. When he runs out, he passes out his “evangelist” business cards, which by themselves could get him arrested.

The Public Security Bureau (PSB) has tried to get Bike to leave numerous times. “They want to drive me out of Beijing…they said go away, don’t stay here, we don’t want to put you in prison or jail, just go somewhere else,” said Bike. They are afraid to put him back in jail because they know he will share the Gospel with the inmates and guards.

The PSB has threatened to shut off electricity, water and other public utilities to his apartment, if he does not stop preaching and disband his house church. He is not worried about being homeless or imprisoned. “The only way right now is that I have to believe in God, believe in the Lord, because God is my only strength and help,” said Bike.

Pray for Bike and the close to 100,000,000 Chinese Christians who are suffering under persecution as we speak.

Information provided by The Voice of the Martyrs.