• Flawed Abstinence Study – The CDMA criticizes the research model of a recent Guttmacher Institute study that concluded that abstinence is not that effective.  Their contentions make sense – not only is the research model incomplete, the sponsor (Guttmacher) is a liberal institution,  whose “…mission is to protect the reproductive choices of all women and
    men in the United States and throughout the world.”
  • Sexual Identity Therapy Guidelines (get PDF under DOWNLOADS) – Warren Throckmorton and other ex-gay therapists are publishing their latest set of guidelines for therapy to heal gays of unwanted same-sex attraction. 

  • New Sexual Identity Institute – Looks like Pat Robertson’s esteemed (I’m not kidding) University has spawned the Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity, mainly a gay recovery therapy training program. 
  • How Sexual Identity Therapy Begins – An interesting interview with a new patient, with annotations, observations and instruction from Throckmorton.
  • Gay Reverend Commits Suicide – A gay Presbyterian Reverend, after almost 20 years of service, was exposed on TV by his gay lover in a type of sting operation.  He later killed himself.  Awful.