• Idoexist
    Ex-Gay Goes Ex-Ex – One of the main subjects of the Ex-Gay DVD I Do Exist has presumably returned to the gay life, providing more evidence that the reversibility of homosexuality may be a fundamentalist’s pipe dream.  The publisher, Christian gay-recovery therapist Dr. Throckmorton has announced he is retiring the DVD in February.
  • Bisexual Marriage – In a thought-provoking article, progressive site Talk to Action discusses a new anti-gay marriage approach from the right – saying that if you want to push for equal marriage rights for gays, you should for bi-sexuals also.  But this might force you to support triangle marriages (three people). 

My comments on these two articles are as follows:

  • Ex-Ex-Gay: Recidivism (is that the right word, or is that just applied to criminal behavior?  What is the recovery term for this?)  is a persistent issue with gay "recovery" therapy.  People do all they can to become non-gay, find out it is difficult if not impossible, and decide to stay homosexual.  This can only mean one of three things:
    • You can’t change sexual preference because it is hard wired
    • It is difficult to change sexual preference because it is rooted in deep psychological issues, and like other recovery programs, you can expect only limited success
    • The therapy that we are using today is still missing essential components, like medication or better therapy methods
  • Bisexual Marriage:  This argument is interesting because it provides a seque to group marriage and polygamy.  Is this the slippery slope that conservatives have warned about?  It looks like it.