When I talk about new methods of proclaiming the message of Jesus this is not what I am talking about.

I’m not sure what would cause a person to spray paint “Jesus loves you” on the personal property of someone else. I’m not quite sure that is the best way to tell show them Jesus’ love, by causing them (or their insurance company) to pay to have your messages removed from their trucks.

The event however did inspire two of the funniest quotes I have heard in awhile.

Upon seeing her company vehicles “Jesus-tagged,” Susan Heying said, “It really is weird. It doesn’t seem like something normal that religious people would do.”

But the best quote comes from a worker at a neighboring store, Kim Barriga. She said that the complex had been hit with paintballs and BB’s in the past week and as a Christian, she finds the graffiti disturbing. She then said, “They’re going to go to hell. But I’m not judging.”

Whoever did this is a moron, but since when did graffiti become the unpardonable sin?