A South Carolina newspaper has an interesting take on the upcoming film THR3E, about which I am very excited.

The movie is an adaptation of Ted Dekker’s novel by the same name. Ralph Winter, producer of the X-Men series, Fantastic Four and several Star Trek movies, is one of the co-producers.

“None of us are proselytizing or trying to convert people with movies or be overt,” Winter said. “We’re trying to tell good stories about redemption, about heroes, about values that are important to us as human beings but also important as children of the Kingdom.”

While some have called it a rip-off of the Saw series or Se7en, those uninformed web critics apparently have no idea what they are talking about. THR3E was written before the first Saw was released (I have not seen any of the movies, so I couldn’t comment on any similarities) and the book has nothing in common with Se7en except a play on the spelling using the number.

I haven’t seen the film yet (I will be going Saturday) and it may not come across on the screen like it did in the novel, but it is only the uneducated critic who can make those claims. If the thrills and twists come of half as well as it did in the book, it still be better than most second-rate Hollywood “thrillers” that have more to do with gore and shock than being an actual thriller.

If you would like to see the film, you can go to the theater finder to see where it is playing near you.