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Why do I torture myself reading the santimonious crap that Slice spews daily?  Looking for some hope of real discernment, all I see is a stream of nonsense interspersed with a few grains of truth.  It’s like looking for a needle in a pile of manure.  The fact that they won’t even engage in discussion, but filter comments, means I need to just take them off of my blogroll.   This judgmental post of the culturally relevant and vibrant efforts at Ed Young’s church sent me over the edge, and I posted a comment there that I know will never see the light.  But it will here. 

My comment at Slice:

I would hate to have to endure the narrow, "holy" culture at your church.  It’s a wonder such sourpusses can even enjoy eating, sex, or anything else God gave us to enjoy.  The type of rhetoric and judgment you spew here in the name of discernment is pathetic.  I wish you would take your bitterness masquerading as holiness and go putrefy someplace other than God’s church.

And I know this won’t get past your sycophantic moderation.  This comment is just for you.  May God have mercy on your dark, lifeless, sanctimonious soul.

Oh, and I came across another post condemning Christians hiphop.  So I commented.  I should just go to bed instead of poking at these monkeys.

"Christian Hip-Hop", now there’s an oxymoron if ever I’ve heard one….Rap music has never and will never save souls. The music came from the pit of hell and it’s leading many to it!

You betcha.  In fact, any music with African beats is probably stirring up demons.  And rock music?  Born out of rebellion.  Jazz and big band?  Sensuality.  Black gospel?  Unholy blues. 

The only music we are safe with is classical and tunes from before 1800.  Or maybe we should stay away from all music just in case.  I dunno, it all seems like it is from the pit of hell.