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On the heels of my article on conservation of junk DNA (genotype conservation across time), Uncommon Descent has posted a nice article on a worm whose phenotype has remained unchanged for (supposedly) millions of years of mutation – so even though the genome has changed, the worm is still, well, a worm, not any other kind of animal.  Also note that the original article calls the changes "adaptation," presumably because no new genetic information was ever created. And that’s pretty much all that does happen over time – genetic LOSS of information, genetic swapping, and variable expression of EXISTING (created) genes.  QED.

Analysis of the sequence revealed that major evolutionary changes in
genomes do not necessarily lead to gross physical changes in the
adapted organism.

Another genetic "proof" that macro-evolution is not how we got here.  OK, it’s not a proof, but it is consistent with creationism, and inconsistent with the idea of macroevolution.  I am so not surprised.