Well, since I’ve already posted my iTunes and Firefox plugin choices, I might as well create one for Tivo, although I am building an MCE machine that I hope, along with an Xbox 360, will replace both of my Tivos.

I don’t hack my Tivo, and really don’t futz with it much, so the stuff below is a small list of stuff that is easy to use.

Essential Tivo Software

  • Tivo Desktop / Tivo Server – to transfer Tivo files to your PC, and also, to serve up your photos and music.  I don’t really use the Tivo Server functionality much, since Galleon does it better.
  • Galleon Media Server – a Tivo Server replacement that runs on your PC – has really nice built in apps you can run, including
    • iTunes app –  allows you to browse your music based on iTunes playlists
    • Music Organizer – allows you to browse music using various combinations of ID3 tags, such as Genre > Artist > Album.  Very nice.
    • Other Apps – there are many more modules, including for traffic, movie theaters, podcasts, rss, internet radio

Stuff I’m Testing Out

  • Tivo Tool – allows you to download, stream, or burn videos from your Series 1 or 2
    Tivo or DTivo. You can also send videos to iTunes for viewing on a
    video enabled iPod (Linux and OSX only)
  • DirectShow Dump – allows you to strip Tivo2Go files transferred to your PC (via the Tivo Desktop software) of their .tivo junk, leaves you with plain old MPEG files.  Note that you can burn your .tivo files directly to DVDs, or move them to any device if you PAY for their partner product from Sonic DVD, but who wants to pay $75?
  • Galleon Movie Rental Plugin – this plugin currently allows you to view an manage your Blockbuster online account via your Tivo.  I just installed it, and can’t get it to actually retrieve my stuff.  We’ll see, it’s only version 0.1.

Other Tivo Stuff

  • Easy conversion to .WMP – If you’ve upgraded to TiVo Desktop 2.1, Windows Media Player 10 enables the conversion of .tivo files to .wmv and then synchronization with Microsoft Portable Media Centers (PMC) and other mobile devices that run WMP.