• Advice to bloggers and commenters:  "To love others means to characterize them; to caricaturize them (except
    when appropriate) is not to love our neighbor as ourselves."
  • Male and Female in Relationship:  Scott, in his ongoing series on women in ministry, has a good article on "headship", and this excellent summary of the male/female responsibilities in scripture:

1. There is a submit/sacrifice for wives/husbands.
2. There is a body/head for wives/husbands.
3. There is a respect/love for wives/husbands.

1. Lack of active participation: 25% practice their faith.
2. Lack of scriptural and theological sophistication.
3. Lack of appropriate and effective Catholic catechesis.
4. Anemic parishes and preaching.

I would echo one of the commenters – "I think that if you were to ask those 30-35% why they left, most of
them would say they were not Christians when they were in the Catholic
Church, that is certainly the case for me. I was an agnostic Catholic
for 20 years. heard the gospel, believed, came to believe in the
authority of scripture and salvation by faith alone and left the
church. This is the experience of most of the former Catholics I know.
They typically were raised Catholic, had a conversion experience in
college or their early adulthood, realized that Catholic teachings did
not jive with their newfound beliefs and found evangelical churches
that did."

  • Outsourcing the Family – I am the head of a two income family with small kids, but I think we should go back to one income, and not farm out daytime care of our kids to daycare.  We also farm out our housecleaning, lawn maintenance, and our meals (we eat out way too much).  What’s wrong with this picture?