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Hip to be a Christian square1 min read

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Hot Air, a non-Christian, conservative blog, posts four “commercials” from a church detailing the differences between “Christians” and “Christ-followers” by parodying PC vs. Mac commericals.

I commented there, but I thought I would link to the video here and post my thoughts on it.

As a Christian (Christ-follower?), I thought the “commercials” were pretty funny to an extent. I think the truth is someone in the middle of those two extremes.

The Christian stereotype has unfortunately too much truth in it – not much Scripture backing for the need to wear a suit to church. Dont get me started on the need to slap Jesus on everything, including the trivial and tacky.

But the Christ-follower is even more annoying. U2? U2? Is he trying that hard to be hip? And is reading books and owning a Bible not cool for him?

The “Christian” while refusing to change the message (good), also refuses to change the method (bad). The “Christ-follower” want to change the methods to reach more people (good), but also often changes the message in order to be relevant (bad).