Sen. Barack Obama appeared on the intro of Monday Night Football to give a special announcement.

Obama told the audience of a battle that was being waged in the heartland of America – from Chicago to St. Louis. He said that he was ready to announce that he was … ready for some football.

In what was clearly a play off of the presidential speculations swarming around him, Obama delivered a clever and funny opening to the MNF game between the Chicago Bears and the St. Louis Rams.

After reading many comments by conservatives blasting the bit, I responded that attacking the piece made us some as crazy as the rabid leftists at the Democratic Underground.

Many people have lost the ability to praise someone across the aisle. While I disagree with many of Obama’s policies and still believe him to be too green for the White House, I have to hand it to him with this intro.

The more Republicans try to attack him for unimportant things like this or his middle name (Hussein), the higher his stock will rise as he stays above the fray. As an unknown (policy wise) politician, he can simply feed of the negativity of those opposing him and build a campaign off that.

Conservatives must challenge Obama and anyone else on the issues. Ad hominem attacks will not change hearts and minds. You may win elections by going negative, but you don’t win the public.

Just as with this last election, the Democrats ran against Bush and his Iraq policies without ever really making their policy ideas clear. The public decided an unknown was better than the known and put the Democrats in office. Now the Democrats have won the office, but they did not win anyone over to the pull-out strategy, so most are now abandoning it.

Conservatives (and liberals) should be able to admit that a political opponent did something well outside of politics and then challenge that person purely on the issues.