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Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life (review) is one of the bestselling books of all time.  Although I don’t like its watered-down, often oversimplified approach, I do like it’s content, and it is worth re-reading and actually implementing.  In fact, I think it is essential reading for the thinking Christian, but I hope he comes out with an updated edition that passes by a better editor.  The fact that the book integrates well with his four stage Christian maturation program  is another plus.

Of course, since Warren (correctly) addresses both man’s divine nature and his need for God, rather than one or the other, fundies from both sides of the spectrum (religious fundies who only want to preach man’s need for God, and humanists who only want to preach man’s beauty and potential) have come out against him.  I had previously seen the religious responses to his book, such as John MacArthur’s Bible Driven Church and Middlemann’s Market-Driven Church, but yesterday, I came upon the secularist’s retort – The Reason Driven Life.  It is a satyrical, chapter by chapter send-up of Warren’s book, but with a lot of real secularist views on each subject.  I pity such self-assured anti-religious hubris, but just wanted to let you know that Warren is being attacked and lampooned from both extremes (and don’t get me wrong, I like John MacArthur).



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