Cineaste, sent me this story of a Russian reporter who was seemingly assassinated.

I told Cineaste I would honor someone who sacrificed themselves as the Amish school girl did, even if they were athiest. This is a different situation, but clearly Anna Politkovskaya died trying to exercise free speech in a nation that is becoming less and less friendly to the concept. Her sacrifice is praise and noteworthy.

The Committee to Protect Journalists says that her murder is the 12th contract-style slaying of a reporter since Putin came to power.

After she had been poisoned on her way to the hostage tragedy at the Russian school, she said, “There are people in this country who would do anything to keep me quiet. Of course it’s frightening, but I’ve survived and I’ll keep writing. I don’t consider it anything heroic — I’m just trying to do my job, to let people know what’s happening in our country.”

In some ways, she saw it coming. After the last high-profile journalist was killed in Russia. She wrote:

Yes, stability has come to Russia. It is a monstrous stability under which nobody seeks justice in law courts which flaunt their subservience and partisanship. Nobody in his or her right mind seeks protection from the institutions entrusted with maintaining law and order, because they are totally corrupt. Lynch law is the order of the day, both in people’s minds and their actions. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

While most of the world watches North Korea, Iraq, Iran, the Dafur region of Sudan, and other current hot spots, Russia continues its troublesome slide back toward a totalitarian state.