Piggymo Mohammed Piggy Bank:  Now that’s a gift I might want for Christmas this year.

Europe’s Slide Towards Islamic Chaos:  When liberals and multi-culturalists demonize the right wing for wanting to deal with the evils of Islam, accusing conservatives of being against civil rights and wanting to set up their own religious hegemony, they play right into the hands of Islamists, whose only real opposition, outside of a few enlightened secularists who aren’t against all faiths, are right wing Jews and Christians and Judeo-Christian sympathizers. 

  • Muslim Cop Attacks in France:  The "holy" month of Ramadan has produced an upsurge of violence in France, including a string of attacks on the Police.  This attack on the rule of law will lead one place – to chaos, followed by the "peace" of Sharia law.   
  • Review of Muhammed BookThe American Spectator reviews Robert Spencer’s The Truth About Muhammed.
  • A Good Muslim:  I’m not sure if this year’s Nobel  Prize in Economics winner, Muhammed Grameen, is a practicing Muslim, but if he is, he seems to be the kind of person we should highlight as an example.