• Less Church is More:  Check out the six part series in which the author argues for less preaching, less music practice, less evangelism programs, less organization, and less age banding.  I agree somewhat, but think his solutions are not radical enough. 
  • Walking on Water: Check out this cool work of art.
  • More Peacemaking:  The scenario below caused the torching of 18 Christian churches, and the displacement of 5000 Christians by Muslims in Nigeria. 

The conflict in the capital of the northern state of Jigawa followed the unsuccessful advances of a Muslim man towards a Christian woman. Upon being rejected the suitor angrily reacted by calling her a fake Christian who follows a "useless Jesus." Jummai responded by telling the boy he followed "a useless prophet, Muhammad." Furious, the Muslim boy raised alarm through the town by proclaiming that a Christian lady blasphemed Muhammad.