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DelusionUPDATE: Today (09/28), Al Mohler wrote a review of the book, and dedicated his daily radio show to the topic.

Richard Dawkins, evolutionary apologist, has a new book out entitled The God Delusion.  Though I have not read it yet, one of our commenters provided a link to an interview with Dawkins on News Night Book Club.  The interviewer asked some great questions that we should demand answers to from both ourselves and our ideological opponents, and Dawkins’ answers were equally interesting.  I’ve listed the questions below.

However, one of my favorite reviews of his book (Dawkins the Dogmatist) makes the polemicist in me happy:

Incurious and rambling, Richard Dawkins’s diatribe against religion doesn’t come close to explaining how faith has survived the assault of Darwinism

  1. Why are we wound up about faith and society?
  2. When you hear [religious people] talking about our lives having purpose, what do you think?
  3. God almost certainly does not exist.  Is there a possibility that he does exist?
  4. Is your ambition that people abandon any belief in a deity?
  5. Have you never stood on the top of a mountain, and been stunned by what you see, and had some religious sensation?
  6. What is the bible?
  7. What is the New Testament?
  8. Accounts of the miracles in the NT are nonsense?
  9. Would you at least accept that religions gives people a sense of comfort, and a moral code?
  10. Where is the evidence that a rational society is any more moral or a better place to live than a religiously based society?
  11. Do you think that political leaders are worse or more dangerous if they have a religious persuasion?
  12. Do you think that all religiously inclined scientists are bad scientists?
  13. Do you understand how religious people can rationalize holding both religious and scientific convictions?
  14. What do you hope to achieve through your argumentation on the subject of religion and science?
  15. What gets you through the difficulties of life?