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TTAM has a nice list with explanations of the Ten Major Flaws of Evolution.  I’ve listed them here without the explanations, for reference and enjoyment.  I know that these have all been "refuted" by evolutionists, but creationists, including myself, find their refutations unconvincing – and not because of our "faith", but because the evolutionary comebacks are weak.  Fact is, evolution is bad science, and bad philosophy, nothing more.

  1. The complexity of living systems could never evolve by chance—they had to be designed and created.
  2. The high information content of DNA could only have come from intelligence.
  3. No mutation that increases genetic information has ever been discovered.
  4. Evolution flies directly in the face of entropy, the second law of thermodynamics.
  5. There is a total lack of undisputed examples (fossilized or living) of the millions of transitional forms ("missing links") required for evolution to be true.
  6. Pictures of ape-to-human "missing links" are extremely subjective and based on evolutionists’ already-formed assumptions. Often they are simply contrived.
  7. The dating methods that evolutionists rely upon to assign millions and billions of years to rocks are very inconsistent and based on unproven (and questionable) assumptions.
  8. Uses continue to be found for supposedly "leftover" [vestigial] body structures.
  9. Evolution is said to have begun by spontaneous generation—a concept ridiculed by biology.
  10. The scientific method can only test existing data—it cannot draw conclusions about origins.