Recently, Sam sent me the story about two churches in the backwoods of the Ozarks molesting children.

While, Sam may see this as an example of how Christianity can be as vile as Islam, I see this as an example of why my faith differs from that of the followers of Allah.

It is horrible that this happened to this girls. I hate to see anyone have to go through something horrific as molestation. Those responsible should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

But what these individuals did is not indicative of the behavior of Christians any more than it is for people who live in Missouri. The two have no relationship. These people acted outside of any type of Christian behavior. Nothing in the Bible allows for behavior such as this.

These were isolated perverts stuck deep in the woods, cut off from everyone else. We don’t call that a Christian church. We call that a cult. Every thing about this group gives it away as a cult, far outside of the accepted beliefs of Christianity.

You want me to condemn them? No problem. I have no issues with condeming perverts who prey on innocent children. But if you want me to somehow take this as an indictment on all of Christianity, you are asking too much.

Compare this with the Muslim world’s reaction to the Pope’s speech. The Pope claimed that violence was part of Islam. They show him how so wrong he is by acting violently across the world and calling for his death.

The freaks who claim Christianity are isolated in back hills and never given any real influence over a large audience. The freaks who claim Islam are front and center in most of the Muslim world. In some cases, they are running nations. In one case the freaks pale in comparison to true believers. In the other case the freaks are the true believers and are the most influential members of the faith.

Remind me again why Rosie is right that Christians are the ones we really have to worry about.