• Muslims Should Apologize:  At a recent Hudston Institute seminar, a Former Prime Minister of Spain said that Muslims should apologize for 800 years of Muslim occupation of Spain (audio).
    He also said that UN plans to open up dialogue between Muslims and
    Spain is "stupid."  Glad to see someone turning the idiotic rage of
    Muslims at pittances back on their own history.
  • Islam in Pakistan Jails Rape Victims:   A report is out claiming that up to 80% of women in Pakistani jails are there because they are *victims* of rape.  Chalk another one up for the beauty of Islamic "justice."
  • Kukluxislam Islam Worse than KKK:  The Religion of Peace website declares "More
    people are murdered in the name of this man’s religion every single day
    than have been killed by the Ku Klux Klan in the last fifty years
    combined."  Perspective.