Some say politics is worse now than it has ever been. I used to think that was not the case. I mean how do you top Andrew Hamilton being shot by Aaron Burr?

But if we take out actually killing someone, this has to be one of the lowest political thoughts ever.

This has moved beyond parody. Honestly, I thought blaming President Bush for Hurricane Katrina, not the response but the actual hurricane, was the silliest, stupidest political statement. But this guy has topped that.

What does Iraq and Lebanon have to do with JonBenet Ramsey’s murder? How could they even be remotedly linked except in the mind of a deranged, conspiracy driven liberal nutcase?

I mean how on earth is Bush responsible for the murder of a girl in Colorado, when he was in Texas and Clinton was President. I don’t think the most rabid Clinton-hater would possible use this chance to blame Clinton for JonBenet’s death.

As Allah at HotAir puts it, “Bush lied, JonBenet died?