I’m starting a new feature, listing interesting links that I just want to mention, a la challies’ A La Carte.  Enjoy.

  • Youth Ministry:  Pastor Jeff over at The Reformed Evangelist is announcing a Youth Pastor Conference, with some detailed and great biblical distinctives that show he’s serious
  • Neo-fundies:  Jesus Creed has a nice two part series (maybe more to come?) on my other favorite whipping boy (move over homosexuals and evolutionists), the Neo-Fundamentalists
  • 20-Somethings:  Leadership Blog has some really interesting things to say about why today’s boomer-philosophy churches don’t appeal to 20-somethings.
  • Atheist Christianity?  You may be surprised at the original application of the word atheist. 
  • Evolution:  Why the Catholic Church let their Director of the Vatican Astronomical Observatory go – it was a little more than his pro-evolution stance – it was his militancy in it
  • Left-Behind Game:  I’ll have to get this when it hits the $10 bin, but you gotta love Jerry Jenkins defense of the violence of the game – "It’s not more violent than the Old Testament."  Touche!
  • Abortion Hypocrisy: Talk2Action, one of my "favorite" anti-Christian sites, is attacking Crisis Pregnancy Centers for using ultrasound to dissuade women from having abortions – the reason – it might hurt the baby!  As usual, their spin is full of half-truths and liberal alarmism.