Rep. Cynthia “Slappy” McKinney showed her true colors once again, after losing the Democratic primary to Hank Johnson.

Yesterday, a male McKinney aide grabbed a female reporter. According to WXIA out of Atlanta, the staffer got between McKinney’s vehicle and the station’s reporter, Kathy Bourn. She said no blows were thrown, but her wrist was grabbed and there was some bumping. The staffer then told the reporter: “That’s right, and I’ll touch you again, if you do it again.”

Last night after midnight, McKinney aides had another run-in with the press. When the soon-to-be former Congresswoman was leaving her campaign headquarters, some equipment carried by the press, either a boom mike or light, bumped what appears to be the same aide that grabbed Bourn. Witnesses say the aide then punched the photographer. WXIA called 911 after some people followed a staff member into the station’s satellite truck outside the McKinney headquarters.

The same McKinney aide “collided” with another reporter in Washington after they attempted to ask the representative about her altercation with a Capitol Hill police officer.

Fox News was reporting this morning that aides hurled racial slurs at the reporters. They played audio of one aide yelling at reporters to go bother the “Uncle Tom” that got elected, referencing Johnson, who is black and defeated McKinney. They also said that McKinney had brought in Black Panthers to work as security for her. Here is a link to video of the scuffle early this morning. Always playing the victim card, McKinney said her mother was injuried and an aide required stitches.

As to the election itself, officials are already gearing up for McKinney to challenge the results, even though she lost 59-41. She claimed about, what else, “voting irregularities,” she did the same in 2002 when she challenged the results all the way to Washington.

You can hear the frustration in the voice of DeKalb County’s director of voter registration and elections. “I guess I could be real optimistic and say when she wakes up today she’ll feel a lot different about this and she’ll just bow down gracefully,” said Linda Lattimore. “But I’m not dreaming this morning. I’m just ready for whatever happens.”

With Cynthia McKinney you never know what will happen next. So if for that reason alone, I will miss having her in politics. So long Slappy.