Pentagon documents showing substantial abuse and attacks at Gitmo were released under the Freedom of Information Act.

These incidents include individuals being head-butted, spat upon and doused by “cocktails” of feces, urine, vomit and sperm. Several instances of Quran being torn were also brought to light. Verbal abuse is common.

This will not be the lead story for the evening news tonight. It won’t be a front page story for the New York Times for months on end. The reason – the abuse was coming from the detainees.

Here are some of the reported instances:

• “Detainee in cell (redacted) grabbed the radio from an MP and then threw the radio at the MP. The detainee then threw rocks at the MP,” a Dec. 23, 2003, incident report stated.

• A detainee “reached out of his bean hole and attacked MP (name redacted) with a piece of metal foot pad from toilet striking him on the left hip area,” a July 15, 2005, report said.

• “Detainee broke off the top of his sink, subsequently broke out the window then began throwing the sink and pieces of pipes at the Block Guard,” a March 25, 2005, report said.

• “Detainee stabbed the MP guard … in the hand with his spork from chow meal,” the report said, adding the prisoner later “made a slicing motion across his neck” and vowed to kill the guard.

• “We [the military] provide fans in order to keep them cool. And they [the detainees] were using the basket, or the grate of the fan as a shield, the blades as machetes, the pole as a battering ram.”

• “Detainee residing in cell (redacted) block tore his Quran into small pieces,” a guard reported in May 2003. A month later, a prisoner “did intentionally destroy his Quran and throw (it) out of his cell,” another report stated.

• A prisoner staged an apparent suicide attempt while his inmates slicked the floors with human waste, seeking to overpower guards when they slipped.