You remember the kid in school who was the smallest, but talked the most junk. Either he had a bigger, stronger brother (friend) or he knew who he could pick on without them knocking him out. Then if someone ever did go after him, he would run and cry because he didn’t do anything.

That kid has now grown up and is leading the nation of North Korea.

So North Korea fires missles towards Japan and possible Hawaii and is *shocked* that Japan and other nations didn’t appreciate it.

So after Japan responds by leveling sanctions, North Korea called Japan’s move “provocative” and said the move could have “catastrophic effects.”

Kim Jong Il is an absolute nutcase. Of course, he is crazy as a fox because he knows who to play the game. He shoots missles, nations respond, he threatens, nations/UN caves.

I have a youth in my group that loves to talk smack to people he knows won’t do anything to him. I keep telling him that one day his pride will get him. One day, somebody will get pushed too far.

Kim is playing a dangerous game. One day, Russia and China are going to get tired of defending him. Or one day, the US, South Korea, Japan and the UK are not going to care what Russia and China think. You can’t keep poking the larger animals with a stick and laughing – ask spiderhole Saddam.