I really have been enjoying the lively debates over the last week. I hate I have gotten to participate more, but I have been swamped at work and one of the reasons is I will be out of town and away from a computer all next week.

I have several posts in my head that I want to get out. There are so many stories going on out there that I would love to talk about. But I am already over an hour late getting home and I have to start packing.

I will be going with the youth and several adults (including my wife) to Memphis on a missions trip. We will be working with kids from the inner city.

If you are the praying type, please pray for me and all those who are going with us (close to 90 from several different churches). Also please pray for my two boys, they will be staying with my wife’s mom all week long – better make that pray for my mother-in-law.

I look forward to a triumphant return on July 6th.