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Godless_1 Update 6/13 – Looks like two NJ Dems are pushing to ban the sale of Coulter’s book.  Wow.

Ann Coulter’s book Godless: The Church of LIberalism is currently Amazon’s top selling book.  Yesterday on Uncommon Descent, William Dembski made an interesting remark about how Coulter’s book will probably help the cause of Intelligent Design:

Having been a sounding board for Ann Coulter on chapters 8-10 of GODLESS, I’m happy to see the entire book now that it is out. Ann is taking Phillip Johnson’s message as developed in DARWIN ON TRIAL and REASON IN THE BALANCE and bringing it home to the masses. Critics will dismiss it for its hyperbole, lack of nuance, and in-your-face attitude. But she has the gist just right, which is that materialism (she calls it liberalism) dominates our culture despite being held by only a minority of the populace and has become an agenda among our elites (academy, scientists, media) for total worldview reprogramming. Close to half the book is devoted to science and evolution. I cannot help but feel that GODLESS will propel our issues in the public consciousness like nothing to date. Phil Johnson’s DARWIN ON TRIAL took ten years to sell 300,000 copies. I expect Ann will sell more than that in ten weeks.

Despite Ann’s "lack of nuance," I do find her entertaining.